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Not long ago, VIP upended all the old rules. We stood up for innovation and proved the right seating could make the cinema-going experience so much more—comfortable, dynamic, inviting—than anyone had ever dreamed. Our ideas were nothing short of a revolution, now sweeping the nation.

SOLUTIONS that result when your every need meets our extensive knowledge: An expert in-house product team and our in-depth understanding of your needs allow us to deliver high-performance solutions that keep your patrons happy and your bottom line healthy. We are your full-service, one-stop provider. Your guarantee of the industry’s finest products and dependable delivery, with an honorable warranty included on all seating.

SOLUTIONS delivered with comprehensive care and service: From planning and design through installation and maintenance, VIP is your strategic solution. Our unwavering commitment and integrated approach let you sit back and enjoy the profits!


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"…the BEST most AWESOME seats that I have ever seen in any movie theater. Forget stadium seating! These seats are actual electronic recliners."


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"The seats are 10x better than any movie theater seat I’ve ever placed my tush on."


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